Creativity Evangelist at Blackmagic Design

Posted on: 10/02/2021

Location: (REMOTE)


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If you enjoy spending your time online, watching amazingly creative content creators and streamers, then this may be the place for you! Blackmagic Design is looking for an enthusiastic and creative individual to work on our Creativity Evangelist team to help cultivate a space for creators to grow and learn within the ever-expanding entertainment industry. The core value of the CE team is to bring professional high-quality production and post-production equipment closer to independent creators and to gain insights on products from building long-lasting relationships. Our CE team is seeking someone who is passionate about supporting creativity and finding creative solutions for the processes behind video production. Starting with part-time hours, at $15/hour, you will have the opportunity to work with up and coming content creators and streamers throughout the globe, and to support them with our team's mission. This role is predominantly remote work, but you will also have the opportunity to attend events that feature online content creators and potentially travel the world to spread the joy of creativity. **Key Responsibilities** * Writing proposals to contact creators/ streamers and building working relationships * Organizing product loans, timelines, information, and feedback from creators * Gaining insights on products from relationships with creators and personal experience * Understanding production and post-production equipment to support creators * Maintaining working relationships to form loyal relationships for future projects * Sharing points of brand awareness from creators with the CE team * Sharing information, ideas, and feedback with the CE team * Branching out of traditional ideas to come up with creative tactics for the overall project * Attending events, conferences, and seminars **Required Skills** * Creative thinking and problem solving * Organization skills for remote work * Information management * Research and information retrieval skills * Interpersonal skills for communications * Strategic communication skills * Effective writing skills **Beneficial Knowledge** * Bi-lingual language skills + English + Chinese + German + French + Spanish * Filming videos * Streaming * Post-production * Graphic design * Norms in content creation + Various platforms + Search engine optimization + Contractual obligations + Scheduling and workflows **创意推广专员** 如果您对互联网有一定的了解,并且日常十分关注极具创意的视频创作,那么这份工作可能非常适合您!Blackmagic Design 正在寻找一位热情且富有创造力的人加入我们的团队,在日渐发展的泛娱乐行业中帮助视频创作者成长、与他们共同学习和进步。 CE团队所追求的核心价值是为创作者提供更加贴近使用需求的专业摄影设备和后期制作工具,并通过与用户建立持续可发展的信赖关系从而刺激对产品的精进以及更新迭代。 因此,我们正在寻找一位热衷于实现创意并有能力在视频制作幕后为创作者提供解决方案的人。本兼职为每小时 15 美金。通过我们团队所提供的战略及技术支持,您将有机会与中国各行各业的视频创作者和博主进行合作。这个职位以远程工作为主,当您加入我们的团队后,您将有机会参与创作者交流的线上活动,并且在未来也有到世界各地传播创意的可能性。 **职位描述** * 通过撰写文案开发新的创作者/博主,并建立持久可发展的工作伙伴关系 * 负责产品租借手续、合理把控合作进度、创作内容和创作者的意见反馈 * 从与创作者的关系维护中积极汲取对产品的理解 * 学习运用本公司的产品并予以创作者必要的支持 * 与周围同事建立并友好的协力合作关系 * 与团队分享各种渠道获得的品牌的关注度 * 积极与团队共享信息、提案和意见反馈 * 勇于突破传统观念,为整个项目提出创意点子 * 参与线上、线下活动、会议及座谈会 **任职要求** * 创造性思维和解决问题能力 * 组织并执行远程工作的能力 * 信息整合能力 * 检索筛选信息的能力 * 拥有良好的理解表达能力、沟通技巧 * 战略沟通技巧 * 高效写作能力s **如有以下经验或技能则视为加分项** * 流畅的双语技能 + 英语 + 中文 * 影片拍摄 * 直播经验 * 后期制作 * 平面设计 * 内容创作 + 各种平台 + 搜索引擎优化 + 合同交涉 + 合理安排工作流调度