Fullstack, Frontend, Backend at Brella

Posted on: 05/04/2021

Location: Finland (REMOTE)

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Tags: redux hubspot rspec github rails ruby gcp redis react postgres

Brella provides the world’s smartest event platform for events with the heart in networking. We have digitally transformed thousands of events across 60+ different countries worldwide. Our customers are the thought leaders in their respective industries, like Google, Microsoft, AT&T, Informa Knect365, Ernst & Young, Qualcomm, IBM, TechCrunch, Techstars, Hubspot, Ericsson, and The Linux Foundation, among many others. Founded in 2016, Brella’s headquarter is located in Finland. We're looking for both React and Rails Developers to join our growing product team to help us develop a top-notch product for Brella’s customers and end-users around the world. Frontend: <https://thehub.io/jobs/600ec5c7759e367069ced900> Backend/Fullstack: <https://thehub.io/jobs/600ec4cc759e367069ce8fa2> Tech keywords: React, React Native, Ruby on Rails, GCP, Rspec, Postgres, Redis, GitHub Actions, Vercel, Redux, Sagas, Emotion, Cypress, JSON:API For more information or questions please contact us at jobs [at] brella.io