Lead Content Writer at Replo

Posted on: 04/23/2022

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**About Us** We’re building the world’s first visual CMS for e-commerce. The web is a very exciting place today, but building great user experiences is still slow, complicated, and often expensive. Marketing, design, and engineering teams all have to collaborate together to create content, but complex code and 10+ year old tech on platforms like Shopify create huge headaches for teams. Our mission is to make it easier for developers, designers, and marketing teams to collaborate and build the next generation of the web. **About the Role** We’re looking for a brilliant writer to expand our digital marketing and brand development efforts by creating content in many forms, including blog posts, webpages, customer stories, and more! You'd be a great fit if you enjoy learning about D2C, tech, and creating compelling content that drives awareness. **Your Responsibilities** * Conceptualize and write short-form and long-form content for core brand platforms such as social media, newsletters, website, blog * Dive into our products and customers to become experts in our personas and customer needs * Research topics and content related related to amazingly fun world of e-commerce * Craft short and long articles that readers find valuable * Establish customer profiles and build trust in our content, community, and brand * Speaking out when you see something you disagree with * Hopefully having a blast working with us 😇 **Looking For Someone Who** * A storyteller. Deep empathy for users, able to adapt how you communicate to best reach your audience * Passionate about product and tech. Keen to learn about how things work and are able to explain technical concepts in ways that everyday people can understand * Is self-motivated and can roll with the punches in a fast-paced environment where priorities and requirements may change frequently * You should have written at least 10 content pieces or blog posts in your career. These can be personal or in another role * Is 100% product and customer obsessed **Bonus Points** * Love for D2C and e-commerce * Have a background working with e-commerce companies or SaaS operating in e-commerce