Full Stack Engineer, Backend Engineer, Product Designer at Hellosaurus

Posted on: 09/01/2021

Location: Remote (US) (ON-SITE)

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Tags: typescript javascript

Hellosaurus empowers the world's most popular kids media creators to build immersive, interactive learning experiences that kids can play, not just watch. --> We're looking for a backend-focused TypeScript engineer interested in owning the API that powers all aspects of our business: <https://grnh.se/af0bcea74us> --> We're looking for a full stack JavaScript engineer who wants to craft delightful experiences for children and their families: <https://grnh.se/0bb9968c4us> --> We're looking for a product designer who wants to bring smiles to the faces of thousands of kids: <https://grnh.se/e01cf50e4us> If you're passionate about building magical technological experiences that empower kids to learn, grow, and have fun, we'd love to hear from you!