Perception Engineer at Charge Robotics

Posted on: 04/21/2022

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Tags: python ml

As an early perception engineer at Charge Robotics, you’ll be developing the eyes and ears for a 25,000 pound construction robot. We can describe we're up to in words, but it might just be helpful to just watch [this video of our first prototype in action.]( What you’ll be working on ------------------------- * Developing computer vision algorithms, ML models, and other systems for processing sensor data * Designing and implementing thoughtful APIs for sensor data to be consumed by other systems throughout the robot * Evaluating perception system and sensor performance You --- * Have a demonstrated history of work on perception-related projects * Are significantly familiar with some combination of Python and C++ * Know how to write software as a member of a team, including writing clean code, documenting it, testing it, and using version control and CI. * Are based in or can relocate to the SF bay area * Are excited to see your work deployed onto actual solar farms! It’d also be nice if you ------------------------ * Have at least a 4-year degree in CS or similar