Data and Solutions Engineers, Growth, Pharmacists, and Clinical Data Analysts at Bainbridge Health

Posted on: 01/03/2022

Location: Go, Python, VueJS, SQL (REMOTE)

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Tags: sql python kubernetes javascript oracle

Receiving medication at a hospital is one of the most dangerous things you can do. Ensuring safe and secure medication supplies is also one of the most complex and expensive things hospitals do. There is a mountain of data, but very little of it is used effectively. We work with leading hospital pharmacies across the United States to translate data into actionable clinical and supply chain insights. Leveraging their own administration and pharmacy preparation datasets, we guide hospitals to safer, more efficient medication use. We also provide the most comprehensive benchmarking on medication use and decision support available to assist with governance, research, and supply chain development across industry through partnerships with leading organizations. Join a team that is focused on real world improvements that can be measured month-to-month, quarter-to-quarter, in terms of better care, better outcomes, and lower prices for real people. We are actively looking for a Data Engineer and a Solutions Engineer. The first role is primarily focused on building our internal platforms and tools, while the second is focused on supporting the full Customer Experience from pre-sales to on-going use. We are a Python, Go, SQL (MS-SQL, Oracle on the customer side, BigQuery in-house), and Javascript (VueJS) shop. We build on Google Kubernetes Engine and similar tools. We also do systems integration with existing hospital platforms. So, if you have experience with traditional Windows on-prem operations stack, there's a definite place for you on our team. If you have prior experience with healthcare, and especially hospital, technologies, and are looking to work with a modern tech stack and a more focused team, that's a plus. Outside of engineering, we are also hiring a Growth Manager, a Clinical Pharmacist, and Clinical Data Analysts. A spin-out of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, our corporate HQ is based in Philadelphia, PA, but our team is remote with folks all across the country.