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Posted on: 05/02/2022

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Are you passionate about embedded development? Are you tired of using archaic methodologies? Do you want to modernize the embedded landscape? Then DojoFive is the place for you. What we do: Work with our clients to help them with their embedded projects and modernize them. You can also take a look at our DevOps product for embedded at <> – it’s a new product that has been specifically developed to help streamline and automate embedded projects and processes. How we do it: We understand that our team's best performance is achieved when they are happy. We are remote-first to its fullest extent. Our meetings are remote, celebrate flexible working hours, and are serious about not working more than 40 hours/week. If you prefer to work in Saint Paul, MN, our offices are open for you. If you're interested in joining a group of smart, friendly embedded geeks to work on complex and interesting problems in industrial, biomedical, consumer products and more, please feel free to apply here: <> Also, please feel free to share this information with any relevant friends, family or colleagues that enjoy working in embedded, or are interested in new career opportunities with a quickly growing and dynamic company. Reach out using any of the links before – or if you want to speak with a current employee (I’m a fellow developer & engineer) to learn more, ping me – I'm not a recruiter, just a happy employee – at ander[dot]galisteo[at]