Mid-Snr Infrastructure Engineer at CyberArk

Posted on: 07/01/2021


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Tags: azure github gcp node bash ansible jenkins aws containers

ABOUT US We work on a wide variety of projects with a heavy emphasis on automation, and are striving to increase engineer self-service capabilities. Experience with any specific items in our stack are not required, we expect only that you're a generalist enthusiastic about learning (with our full support of course). There is no on-call aspect to this position, and we have a strong emphasis on sustainable working hours (9-5, five days a week, with meeting-free Focus Friday to work on pet projects). A quick list of some of our stack: Containers, Ansible, Jenkins, Cloud IaaS (AWS, GCP, Azure etc), Slack, Node.js, github.com, Bash TO APPLY Attempt to solve our engineering puzzle (we promise it's fun, submissions go directly to engineering, and it's how all three of us came to work here) at <https://www.conjur.org/careers/puzzle/>. A list of the keywords that an automated scanner would search your resume for: <https://www.conjur.org/job-openings/infrastructure-engineer/> ---- LEARN MORE - <https://conjur.org> (our secret service, LGPLv3) - <https://www.conjur.org/careers/> (about our team, open positions) - <https://www.conjur.org/blog/> (our blog, which talks more about who we are and what we do)