Senior Rust Engineer at Drifting in Space

Posted on: 04/18/2022

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Tags: rust kubernetes terraform docker

We are seeking an experienced engineer to become a core contributor to both our platform product, and our open-source Rust projects. Our core product ([Jamsocket]( is backed by a distributed system written entirely in Rust. In addition to Jamsocket, we publish a number of open-source crates (like [aper](, with a long-term goal of bolstering the open-source WebAssembly ecosystem, in turn creating a larger market for Jamsocket. Drifting in Space is an early-stage company with funding from Y Combinator and others. Our founders are both technical. As an early engineering hire, you will work closely with the founders to shape the technical foundation of the company. **Qualifications** * Professional experience shipping software in Rust, C++ or Go. * Enthusiasm for software quality, including testing, code review, and continuous integration. * Working familiarity with networking and web technologies, like HTTP, TCP, and DNS. * Experience with containerization and cloud technologies, like Docker, Kubernetes, and Terraform is nice to have.