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Posted on: 11/02/2021

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Convictional is 34 people (and growing) working on building the B2B graph - a closed network of buyers and sellers of physical products. Today, that happens over a pre-internet data protocol called EDI. We're making it as easy as possible for companies (small and large, modern and legacy) to trade with each other, disrupting EDI and modernizing $5T/year worth of trade. We are a fully distributed team with people located across Canada and the US. We encourage you to design your work schedule and environment so they’re optimal for you. We use email, not Slack and default to no internal meetings unless necessary. If you can develop and maintain features, enjoy challenges of reliability and scalability, and can be effective cross-functionally to deliver on commitments to customers, it's probably a fit. Our SWE hiring process is three hours of interviews in total within two weeks, plus a short eng challenge. Tech Stack: Go, React, MongoDB Open Roles: Head of Engineering: []( Software Engineer (Product) — []( Software Engineer (Platform) — []( Designer [](