Intermediate Full Stack Elixir Developer at CLASSIC.COM

Posted on: 08/02/2021

Location: Miami, FL or REMOTE (ON-SITE)

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Tags: phoenix elixir react python graphql

At CLASSIC.COM we track classic and collectible car values, aggregating data from hundreds of sources, and providing granular pricing insights on thousands of vehicle submarkets. We are in the midst of porting our Next.js frontend to Phoenix + LiveView + Surface and would love help from experienced Elixir devs. The ideal candidate should be very familiar with Next.js (and React) in general, LiveView, and Surface. Comfort with frontend B.S. (Flexbox, SCSS, etc), Python, GraphQL and dealing with tables with millions of rows is a bonus. Ability to self-start and manage your own projects a good thing too. And if you have a few project cars in the yard, that wouldn't hurt.. :)