Backend Software Engineer at Courtyard

Posted on: 05/27/2022

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Tags: azure blockchain kubernetes web3 solidity ethereum aws

About Courtyard --------------- [Courtyard]( is a US-based seed stage startup backed by top investors including [Y Combinator](, [NEA]( and [Cherry Ventures]( We are eliminating the friction inherent to trading high value collectibles and increasing the liquidity of the collectibles market by bringing physical assets to the blockchain and creating physically backed NFTs. When an authenticated asset is tokenized on Courtyard’s platform, it is securely vaulted, and an NFT is created. Each NFT uniquely represents the physical item no matter how many times it is traded by anyone, anywhere in the world. It offers proof of ownership as well as a high-fidelity 3d rendering the owner can proudly display online. We released our first collection of [Courtyard physically backed NFTs]( in March 2022 and people are already owning, trading and [showing]( [them]( [off]( Job Description --------------- As a software engineer at [Courtyard](, you will become part of our mission to bring physical assets to the blockchain by developing our tokenization infrastructure and frontend. You will join a lean and experienced remote-first team of engineers that prioritizes technical ingenuity, authentic communication, and a get-it-done attitude. At Courtyard we trust each other to take ownership of our own work and to remain focused on the mission of the company. We value candid feedback and the ability to disagree without being disagreeable. We see being pushed out of our comfort zone as an opportunity to think differently, debate honestly, and collaborate on pushing the best ideas forward. We stay true to our highest convictions while being willing to pivot operationally when it makes sense. If you would enjoy writing strongly-typed and thoroughly tested code on a team like this, Courtyard may be the place for you. We currently have a need for frontend and backend developers that are excited about our mission. You will use your expertise in traditional software engineering to develop a platform to onboard millions of collectors to web3, while having the opportunity to develop smart contracts and explore new possibilities across multiple chains. About You --------- If you’re excited about Courtyard and think you would be a good addition to our team, please reach out and tell us about you, your experience and your motivations. That said, we’re actively recruiting engineers with the following qualifications: * 6+ years of software engineering experience with a solid understanding of backend infrastructure * Experience designing external APIs * Experience deploying applications to a public cloud (Google Cloud, AWS, Azure) and using container orchestration systems like Kubernetes * Fluency in at least one strongly-typed programming language * Experience writing unit tests and familiarity with continuous integration * Desire to work independently on a remote-first team and practical experience collaborating asynchronously. * While we do not require english to be your first language, we require good verbal and written communication skills Bonus Qualifications -------------------- * Experience building and integrating with inventory or content management systems * Experience with the EVM and Ethereum ecosystem and tooling (Solidity, Hardhat, Alchemy) * 3d graphics rendering pipelines * Practical or theoretical cryptography