Senior DevOps Engineer // Picsart at Picsart

Posted on: 10/28/2021

Location: Berlin, Germany (ON-SITE)

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Tags: gcp ansible python jenkins kubernetes docker terraform gitlab aws

Picsart is looking for a Senior DevOps Engineer to support cloud and on-prem infrastructure for our CICD pipeline, data processing pipeline, AI, and large-scale storage. If you love solving complex problems at scale with a software-first approach, prefer to write reliable and testable software to automate infrastructure management, and are an ace troubleshooter, then this is the role for you. **Responsibilities:** * Define and write Terraform templates * Design and deploy geo-distributed Kubernetes clusters * Be involved in the architectural discussions, share the knowledge, do constant research (POC) to improve various aspects of the infrastructure * Deploy and maintain applications on cloud-native microservices architecture * Participate in on-call rotations to maintain all cloud and on-prem resources * Lead post-mortem activities and create documentation when issues arise * Plan, build and continuously improve infrastructure, policies, and procedures * Be ready to take immediate action in case there is an outage or high severity incident * Provide support to wider engineering teams in case of any issue with infrastructure. **Qualifications:** * 5+ years of industry experience * 1+ years of strong hands-on experience of programming in Python, Go or similar object-oriented language * 2+ years experience working with containerization and Kubernetes. * Experience managing large-scale, fully-automated infrastructure-as-code landscapes (we use Terraform, Ansible) * Experience with cloud-native technologies (AWS, GCP) * Hands-on experience with building and managing CI/CD workflows and tools (Gitlab CI, Jenkins) * Experience with monitoring and log aggregating frameworks * Good expertise with Docker, Kubernetes or other orchestration tools * General networking knowledge and troubleshooting experience * Experience designing high-traffic, fault-tolerant systems at the global scale * An analytical mindset and a get-it-done attitude * Excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills * Ability to motivate others, drive collaboration, and quickly resolve conflicts * Ability to work under pressure, effectively debugging and resolving complex technical issues.