Software Engineer_Telepresence at Ambassador Labs (previously Datawire)

Posted on: 03/19/2021

Location: (REMOTE)

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Ambassador Labs is solving interesting problems for cloud native developers in the Kubernetes space. We are looking to hire engineers that care as much about empowering developers as we do and have embraced the cloud native phenomenon that is taking over the world. We strongly believe that Ambassador Labs’ success is dependent on hiring a diverse team. Diversity means a broader spectrum of opinions, ways of working and approaches to solving problems; we feel it is critical to helping drive the creativity, innovation and sound decision-making our customers love us for! **About the Job** You will be working on products aimed at drastically improving the way cloud native developers work. Your impact will be felt by thousands of users at companies like Epic Games, Microsoft, PTC, Ticketmaster, Cisco and Unity Technologies. This is a rare opportunity to join a growing team of smart and empathetic software engineers. The role is focused primarily on product development of new products and services. We have loosely adopted Basecamp’s Shape-Up approach to development by undertaking well-shaped projects in four-week cycles. As a team, our focus is firmly on products that help users make the shift to the cloud with Kubernetes, front and center. We’re most known for our flagship product [Ambassador]( and are investing heavily in other rising stars like [Delivery Accelerator](, [Developer Portal]( and [Service Preview](, and [Kubernetes Initializer]( In this role you will be joining our team that is building [Ambassador Telepresence]( This product helps developers working in micro-service architectures become much more productive with their local dev loop. Our team supports Linux, MacOS and Windows natively and we are currently looking for an Engineer that has a strong background working with kubernetes and Golang. ### Here’s a bit more insight into what your work life will be like as an engineer at Ambassador Labs: + You’ll work primarily in Golang. + You’ll work on Linux, Mac or Windows: some of us work on one platform, some on another, each choosing whichever platform makes us the most productive. + You’ll also use your favorite IDE or editor; although we use different ones, we’re oddly free of those silly “mine is the best” discussions :). + You’ll work as part of a small team (2-3) building a feature, or reviewing open source community PRs, or improving performance, etc., in four-week development cycles, and then you’ll cool down between cycles doing self-directed learning, improving your tools, or maybe even hacking up a demo of an exciting new idea of yours. + You and your team will use GitHub issues and ZenHub to track and plan the work, Figma for UI design, CircleCI for continuous integration, Docker Hub for the resulting images, and of course Slack and Zoom. You’ll have a weekly all-company (Zoom) meeting to stay current on all the things, but we try hard to minimize the number of scheduled meetings in order to maximize focus time. + As an engineer, on-call responsibility is shared among all engineers in the organization, currently one week every three months. **About You** You are an engineer who enjoys developing products. At the core, you are motivated by figuring out ways for developers (your people!) to own their work through the power of microservices and Kubernetes. You’re driven by understanding customers and their problems. You move with purposeful action and, most importantly, you pride yourself on execution. We’re looking for candidates with a strong track record of putting Golang to use to bring products to life. Ideally, you’ve already had some direct or indirect exposure to Kubernetes and have a passion for creating WOW experiences while at the same time making continuous improvements. Have a great idea? Act on it! You don’t have to go through layers of bureaucracy to get things done at Ambassador Labs (first of all because that’s against our philosophy, and secondly because we don’t have layers of bureaucracy!). **How to Apply** We are looking forward to [hearing from you]( We move quickly and decisively. We don’t need to talk to 20 other candidates to make a decision, so if the fit feels right on both sides, you can be part of the team as soon as next week! The first step is speaking to our People Person, followed by the engineering leadership, and then a few of your future colleagues/team members. Interviews are typically 30 - 45 minutes, all remote. We’ll talk through your background, your approach to work, and dive into your technical knowledge. No algorithms, no off-the-cuff coding sessions, or brainteasers: we want to hear about your real-life experience and successes, especially the users that you’ve made happy. This is a demanding application process and a significant career move that’s well worth considering. We appreciate you giving us that consideration, and we promise to give you our full attention in return. Talk to you soon!