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Posted on: 11/04/2021

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**Application Deadline: Tuesday, Nov 30, 2021** =============================================== Turing School of Software & Design is seeking a Development Manager to join the Turing team. As Turing continues to diversify our revenue model, we are progressing efforts to identify and build partnerships across philanthropic, corporate, government and family giving institutions. The Development Manager would be primarily responsible for cultivating these opportunities to expand Turing’s reach and further our mission. **About Turing** Turing offers intensive instructional programs for adults working to become professional software developers. Beneath the surface, Turing is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working to train a diverse, inclusive student body to succeed in high-fulfillment technical careers. Turing was initially built to operate in a self-sustaining manner based solely on generating revenue from student tuition. This model put all the pressure on student success, and our community thrived. As the programs have matured, there are increasing financial needs as we work to increase student support services and plan new programs. With a strong track record of progress towards our mission, we have transitioned our financial model to a point where tuition makes up 80% and philanthropic partnerships the remaining 20%. We are seeking an experienced Development Manager to ensure the ongoing success of those fundraising efforts. As our student body continues to reach more individuals across the country and reflects a more diverse community, we need more resources to meet student needs. In 2022 and beyond we expect to set and meet a fundraising target of $2M-$3M per year. The Development Manager will directly collaborate with the Executive Director, Board of Directors, and other appropriate staff to research, coordinate partnerships, build relationships, develop pitches, write grants, and report on results. The role requires familiarity with institutional development and grant management, and strong strategic and writing skills to craft compelling narratives. **Expected Responsibilities** * Research and development of potential funding opportunities across a variety of public and private institutions * Initiation and coordination of outreach efforts to various and dynamic funding stakeholders * Creation of pitches and corresponding materials * Grant writing for applications and reporting * Relationship cultivation with funding partners * Strategic and compelling program design * Collaboration with Executive Director, Board members and other staff to align funding opportunities with current and future program efforts * Development, measurement and communication of grant metrics to appropriate stakeholders **Qualifications & Expectations** High quality applicants will have some or all of the following: * Excellent analytical and communication skills * Experience in development and various fundraising activities * An infectious enthusiasm and understanding of Turing’s program, mission and vision * Strong interpersonal skills and comfort with cold and warm outreach * Persistence and commitment to meeting revenue objectives * Ability to hypothesize, plan, execute, and iterate in extremely rapid cycles based on emerging needs, feedback, and observable data * Ability to build meaningful relationships * Flexible personal scheduling to allow for shifted-schedule work hours when needed **Metrics of Success** Performance in this role will be measured by: * Sustainability with current grant partners * Progressive increase of partnerships across public and private institutions annually * Increasing non-tuition revenue by 10% within 18 months **Employee Expectations** The employee can expect to: * Earn a Manager Level salary of $85,364 * Receive a 1% raise after each 7-week academic “inning” * Work remotely from anywhere in the United States with reliable internet and +/- 2 time zones from Colorado, with core hours of 9AM-4PM MST * Work full-time with a typical 40-hours-per-week schedule. * Receive fully paid premium health insurance for the employee, one spouse/domestic partner, and any dependents * Long-term disability insurance * Group Life Insurance (with benefit equal to yearly salary) * Reduced workload during our “intermission” weeks between each inning (there are 9 intermission weeks per year) and school breaks * 401(k) savings program with 5% employer match * Parental leave policy ensuring at least 12 weeks of fully paid leave * Flexible minimum leave policy of at least 15 days per year * Exceptional medical care policy, covering significant medical costs not covered by our normal health insurance **Diverse Recruitment Pool Policy** Diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of Turing’s organizational values. To ensure a diverse pool of candidates is considered, initial reviews and phone screens will not begin until optional applicant self-reporting demonstrates that the pool is, at a minimum, made up of 30% people of color and 30% non-male applicants. In the event that a sufficiently diverse pool has not applied after recruiting efforts of 90 days, the application period will close and current applicants will be allowed to move forward in the process. This information will be collected via a separate anonymous electronic form sent after the application is received. This anonymous electronic form will be collected by an employee that is not involved in the interview process for new candidates. Once the data from the anonymous form indicates that the above percentages of pool diversity are reached, the hiring team will be notified that the screening and interview process may begin for the new position. **To Apply** Interested applicants should apply here through Breezy, our applicant tracking software. Please be sure to include a cover letter which specifically answers these three questions: 1. What does it take to convince a potential funder that we’re an organization worth supporting? 2. What’s your approach to project management? How will you succeed as essentially a one-person team? 3. Working towards diversity, equity, and inclusion are core to our work at Turing. How do those efforts show up in your life and work?