PHP Senior developer at A-Cube S.r.l.

Posted on: 03/20/2021

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Tags: openapi php symfony python aws

We are looking for an **experienced PHP Developer** who will lead the development of our invoicing API platform in Italy. A-Cube exposes a set of REST API with which customers, mainly software houses and e-commerce platforms, can send and receive invoices within the Italian government channel. In this set of API we currently manage a traffic of about 10M requests per month and about 3M to 4M invoices managed per year. You will be in charge of maintining the code base, develop new features, optimize existing features, refactor legacy code, integrate and manage third party APIs. We request a minimum **commitment of 10 working days per month**. As the project leader you will interact directly with the CTO. **You should be proficient with**: * REST API design * PHP * Symfony framework * Unit tests and functional tests writing **You should be familiar with**: * Load traffic optimization * Database design **Best if you have also knowledge of**: * AWS * Python * OpenAPI specification **What we offer**: * You chose when to work * You chose where to work * Friendly working environment **It is requested that you emit invoice/receipt once per month**. Salary ====== $38,000 — $42,000 Location ======== 🌏 Worldwide