Engineering and Operations Roles at Truth Social

Posted on: 05/03/2022

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Tags: ios android ml

Our first product is Truth Social, a social media application which launched on 20 February to become #1 in the Apple App Store. We are expanding to other platforms (Web, Android) and adding functionality, plus working on follow-on products (SVOD, Infrastructure). We're looking for a variety of roles in engineering for these products. Our current team is small and technically excellent, making extensive use of open source software and operating our own infrastructure to remain independent of third party control. We are particularly interested in hiring people from the established social media giants and large SAAS applications who were directly involved in creating software and infrastructure for scaling to hundreds of millions of users and beyond, and who want to do it again in an environment which values freedom of speech and expression. A current scaling challenge is AI/ML and automated abuse mitigation. We have both in-house and external ML tooling, but are seeking to expand the team -- i.e. we plan to scale anti-abuse through cores, not bodies, although we are also hiring for human moderator and anti-abuse roles to expand those teams as well. Another major focus is user privacy and messaging. We are looking for engineers with experience operating Matrix-compatible backends at scale, or with related experience. We plan to offer e2ee direct messaging and have integrated client code, but we are looking for someone to "own" the backend architecture from ongoing design and operations perspective, and to build a team around that. A remaining area of interest is Android client development. We have a (12MB!) highly functional iOS client, a to-be-launched progressive web app, but want to build an Android team to build a first-class native experience for Android users.