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Posted on: 05/28/2022

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***Details:*** * **Description**: Redesign the Nextiva homepage. [Nextiva.com](https://www.nextiva.com/) is the first brand experience for most business decision makers of software and communications services, and over half of Nextiva customers. Our style is effective for converting web traffic into customers, but tired from a creative perspective, and not aligned with a modern startup business software company. [ringcentral.com](http://www.ringcentral.com/), [dialpad.com](https://www.dialpad.com/) are examples of companies in our industry that do well. We want to do better, with brand imagery and positioning that is modern and warm, and creates the perception of Nextiva as an innovator in business software and one of a handful of companies bringing forward the future of work. * **KPI’s include**: * Visually: Excitement conveyed about the product. Warmth and authenticity in imagery that resonates with the small medium business owner / entrepreneur. Overall tone that delivers on the perception oof Nextiva as a technology and software innovator. * Brand alignment / alignment with brand voice * **What's the deadline to get this back to you for review?** Initial draft versions for directional review 2 days after accepting. Final iteration review 5 days. * **How urgent is this project?** Urgency of this project is high. We want to see what great designers can produce with limited but reasonable time available. * **Where can we find background information, research docs, or other contextual reference?** * Brand Assets: Style Guide and assets * Nextiva: [www.nextiva.com](http://www.nextiva.com/); * Competitors: [ringcentral.com](http://www.ringcentral.com/), [dialpad.com](https://www.dialpad.com/); * Other reference companies: [monday.com](http://www.monday.com/); [workspace.google.com](https://workspace.google.com/) * **Is this for a review, or is it new work?** This is a review for future work. We have multiple projects in design and brand marketing that would be significantly improved with the right design creating more excitement in the product, more engaging visuals and copy. We’re looking for designers that can improve dramatically on what we’ve already done. * **What team is this for?** Brand Marketing & Demand Generation Marketing ***Creative Direction*** * **Target audience.** Our audience is largely made up of small and medium business decision makers in companies with fewer than 500 employees. Typically our decision maker is a small business owner or entrepreneur. They are optimists and realists. They get up early, grind and advance their businesses forward every day. They are not technologists, but users of technology. Today they are frustrated. Their businesses use 15-25 applications to communicate with customers and teams, and manage customer relationships. These are apps / tools like AT&T, Zoom, Vonage, Slack, Chime, monday.com, salesforce, freshdesk, Zoho. The silos that the separate applications and data create make it hard for teams to serve customers effectively, and easy for employees to become frustrated as they toggle endlessly between multiple applications just trying to keep up. As business owners, they are primarily concerned with gaining and keeping customers in an increasingly complex operating environment, and attracting and keeping employees - not managing multiple tools and complex tech. * **What action do we want them to take:** We want the home page visitor to (1) easily find and engage with the service they usually start with - a modern easy-to-use business communication service; (2) see, understand, and consider an alternative model for how their businesses can work, using fewer tools to produce better communication and collaboration for teams and customers; and (3) engage with the content, learn more and get excited about the products Nextiva is bringing to market to improve their businesses and deliver the end of unhappy customers and frustrated teams. * **Content needs:** modern homepage format considerations, warm and engaging graphics and visual treatments, and killer copy. * **Assessment of the current nextiva.com homepage:** The current version achieves its objectives on conversion based on positioning of communication services. The layout is antiquated and behind both our competitors and what we would consider a contemporary software business. Graphic treatments are directionally in line with where we want to go, but are not warm enough, and not evocative enough of Nextiva as an innovator in business communications and customer management. **Measures of success:** The project will be assessed as a review of creative process and concepts applied to the brand in the homepage context. Ultimately, our success measure is based on the perception of Nextiva going beyond communications as an innovator and provider of tools that advance the future of work with our audience.