Perception Algorithm Engineer, Perception Sensor Specialist, Deep Learning Fellow at Tangram Vision

Posted on: 06/03/2022

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REMOTE - We're a fully remote company Tangram Vision ( is the Hardware-agnostic Sensor Fusion company. We're on a mission to enable anyone to leverage the power of perception like never before. We believe the full potential of robotics and perception has yet to be realized and that software holds the key to unlocking that potential. We are starting with a platform of products that help robotics leaders, engineers, and fleet managers understand their perception systems inside and out at scale. - Career pages: <> - Perception Algorithm Engineer: [\_jid=4003004005]( - Deep Learning Fellow: [\_jid=4006171005]( - Perception Sensor Specialist: [\_jid=4014379005]( Perception tech stack: Rust! Along with lots of driver code. Web and Design Tech Stack: Svelte, Typescript + Three.js, Canva Learn more about us... - On our blog: <> - Via our documentation: <> - Check out our multi-modal calibration system, TVCal: <> - And our Sensor Fusion system, TVMux: []( - We're also a 2022 RBR50 Innovation Award winner, so we got that going for us: [](