Senior Software Engineer at Elenium Automation

Posted on: 11/02/2021

Location: Melbourne, Australia (ON-SITE)

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Tags: flutter embedded rust docker aws python

Elenium Automation builds automated systems for the airline industry, as well as touchless health screening and biometric authentication devices. We are looking for an Embedded Linux C++ Senior Software Engineer, with a minimum of 5 years C++ development experience, and recent experience using modern C++. Part of your role will involve mentoring other programmers and performing code reviews, so we are looking for candidates with a focus on code quality, memory and thread safety and knowledge of C++ pitfalls. You'll be building software that interacts with various sensors and hardware and dealing with a broad range of technologies (image processing, sound/audio programming, facial/pose recognition, application development and more). Your role will be multi-faceted and you should have broad technical knowledge, and be able to evaluate the pros/cons of different technologies and help set the technical direction of projects. In addition to strong Linux and C++, we will look highly upon any experience you have with: - Python development - Docker and/or other container technologies (building, optimising, deploying) - Building CI/CD pipelines, and automating build, test and deployment processes. - AWS, in particular AWS IoT - Rust - Flutter (and/or any mobile phone development experience). - C# and WPF You don't need to tick all those boxes, but should tick some of them and have a willingness to learn the others. This role is on-site only, and requires permission to work in Australia.