Senior Software Engineer (Growth) at Circle

Posted on: 10/28/2021

Location: (REMOTE)

Crunchbase | Glassdoor: 5.0 / 5 | Original Source

Tags: ruby rails react

We're looking for a full-stack **Senior Software Engineer (Rails/React)** to work on growth-focused projects such as optimizing flows/conversion analytics, in-product viral loops, referral programs, and A/B experiments inside our core product. **Responsibilities** * Work on Circle's growth-focused roadmap inside our core product * Ship often and ship with care * Improve the quality of our codebase and identify architectural deficiencies in your product area * Engage in considerate, but robust, PR reviews with Circle's engineers * Work closely with Circle's co-founders and designers throughout the feature spec + design process **Who we're looking for** * Significant experience working with Ruby on Rails and general familiarity with React * Experience working with complex user interfaces and API design * Strong judgement and attention to detail when it comes to architectural, product, design, and process decisions. Your judgement should inspire a high level of trust within the team. * A desire to work in an environment which values speed of iteration and individual autonomy * (Ideal) 1-2 years of experience working on growth-focused projects