Technical Product Owner for Kubernetes (100% remote) at Giant Swarm GmbH

Posted on: 06/15/2022

Location: Germany (REMOTE)

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Tags: kubernetes

##### THE BASICS AS A... a growing open-source infrastructure management platform used by modern enterprises. WE WANT TO find a Technical Product Owner for Kubernetes to join our fully remote (since 2014) diverse and relatively senior team, that is growing and spread across Europe - with a headquarters in Cologne. SO THAT we can empower developers around the world to ship great products. ##### YOUR JOB * tl;dr: You are responsible for the success of our product ;) But of course, you are not alone. We currently have 2 PO’s and 3 Architects and all team members are engaged in the product process. * You become the owner of the product vision for your teams. * You help your team maximize the impact of their work. Many product ideas start as technical solutions. You are persistent and creative in figuring out the business and user problems these ideas can solve.You manage the Product Backlog of your team(s) and write user stories. * You help your team avoid overwork. There is always more stuff to do than time to do them with. You and your team have the freedom to decide what is most important and to do only that. You lead this prioritization. * You enable other parts of the company to understand your team's work and its value. You translate between engineers, other POs, and sales and marketing. * Our customers love to work with us and see us as their extended team. You collaborate with them to build products they will use and love. * You ensure that current and prospective customers are informed about the cool stuff we are building (Documentation, blog posts, and other media such as speaking if that’s something you are interested in.). * You can choose to participate in cross-cutting groups throughout the company to drive topics that you are passionate about (eg. culture, customer happiness, security etc). ##### REQUIREMENTS * You have a strong, at least 5 year background being a Technical Product Owner in a tech driven environment (best case, you know stuff about enterprise software, cloud, open source and distributed systems). * You don’t need to be a coder, but a basic knowledge of Kubernetes and cloud infrastructure and a bit of programming experience will help you to understand what we and our customers are doing. * Ideally, you have already gained work experience in the larger Kubernetes ecosystem. * You find the right tone for all stakeholders. Especially with our cross functional engineering teams - you are available and engaged. * You can deal with being empowered to make decisions. * You are familiar with agile methodologies, but work with your team to figure out and iterate on the processes that work for your unique needs. * You are happy to work in a fast changing environment and adapt the way you work according to the current status of the company. We are operating in the evolving container ecosystem; the whole market is highly volatile. * You have excellent English skills and you are based somewhere in Europe, as most of your team members are in this timezone as well. ##### WHY WE THINK THIS JOB IS WORTH APPLYING FOR (CHALLENGE US!) Interested? Questions? Coffee? Contact Mirco or apply directly **Pro tips for anyone who wants to apply at Giant Swarm from our team:** ***Have and articulate (1) a clear view of what your role is, and (2) a framework/approach for how you would apply that to Giant Swarm's context (not just what you did in your last company, but how you would adapt that to Giant Swarm's context).*** ***(Chiara Cokieng, PO)***[Apply for this position]( ##### ABOUT US **WHY Giant Swarm?** -------------------- We like to give you a glimpse of how working with is like: ### **Self-organization** Creative work needs freedom and openness. We encourage you to do your work wherever and whenever you want. We expect passion and encourage sustainability. If you need rest, take it. We don't count holidays - but we are also aware that this combined with remote work can also lead to working too much. So we encourage you to take holidays and help you to manage the freedom and flexibility. ### **Teamwork** We are a growing company with team members distributed all over Europe and plans on expanding to the US. Our ambitious goals are only achievable as a team. Everybody’s input is highly welcome and appreciated. Although sometimes rules and processes are necessary, we try to keep them as lean as possible. Always question the status quo and find new ways of collaboration and teamwork. ### **Learning** Learning is mandatory and fun at the same time. If you realize you want to expand your knowledge in a specific area, we support you with conferences, books etc. ### **Basics** We offer fair (transparent and open) salaries with benefits like choosing your own laptop, additional perks (for example, a location-aware, fixed amount paid each month to cover costs like co-working, phone contracts or gym memberships), paid parental leave and healthcare compensation are compulsory. And you will participate in our stock options program. Currently, our team members have more children than we are employees. So family-friendliness is a must. **What we offer on top** * Choose the hardware you like the most! * Family first - we have almost more kids than employees! * Join our team at conferences all over the globe! (When they happen again) * Internal Hackathons - we love to challenge ourselves! * Personal development talks at least twice a year * 2 Off-Sites per year (check our photos on [Instagram]( - currently also done virtually due to pandemic)! We are not hiring job descriptions. We hire humans. :) We welcome applications from everybody, regardless of ethnic or national origin, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation or age.