Infrastructure Engineer - remote at Layer

Posted on: 01/04/2022

Location: (ON-SITE)

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Tags: scala typescript github ml python terraform aws kubernetes graphql react

Layer | REMOTE (ideally GMT-1 to GMT+5) | Infrastructure Engineer (SRE / DevOps)/Senior Backend Engineer/VP of Design/Lead Product Designer/Community Manager/Developer Advocate - Only Experienced/Senior Candidates for all roles | <> Layer is building the central hub for machine learning development. ML itself is complex. On top of that, GitHub is not built for collaboration of ML practitioners. We designed a delightfully simple integration, architected a massively scalable, declarative platform. One of our founders sold his previous company for 500M USD, the other is one of the top VC partners in Europe. Our engineering team is a mix of top engineers from Palantir, Revolut, Google, eBay, Wise, Improbable, Coinbase, Amazon, DataRobot, among others. We have an all-remote culture as we aspire to work with the best talent, no matter where they live. We are looking to make a few more hires until we close down hiring until Series A. We pay competitive salaries and give stock, among other perks. Initially, we are looking to hire within the GMT-1 to GMT+5 time zones but we are happy to make exceptions for truly exceptional candidates. Our tech stack is React/TypeScript/GraphQL on the frontend, Java at the backend (with some Scala and Python), Kubernetes/AWS/Terraform/Gradle on the infra side. We are currently only looking for experienced candidates. Prior startup experience or being a prolific open source contributor is a plus. NO RECRUITERS/OUTSTAFFING/OURSOURCING COMPANIES PLEASE. Feel free to apply at <> (For the community manager/developer advocate role, please feel free to directly reach out to me at cihat at From: <>