Middle Angular developer at MedVision360 BV

Posted on: 06/24/2021

Location: (REMOTE)

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Tags: javascript ux android ios angular

**Your responsibilities :** * Implement real-time cross-platform mobile and web applications * Collaborate with the team * Meet online with project with the team to discuss their vision, ideas and create compelling digital experiences. Translate design patterns into application architectures. * Design and perform unit tests and automated UI tests. * Work closely with UX/UI designer to keep continuity across mobile / web / desktop Qualifications * 3+ years of experience in pure JavaScript * 4+ years of experience Sass, scss * Professional experience in Git and Gitflow * 2+ years of experience in Angular 2+ * Able to develop certified software **Nice to have:** * Native development experience with iOS and/or Android, maybe even with NativeScript * Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or similar Personality * Have an eye for details. * Create Code that’s understandable, testable, written with an eye towards maintainability. * Giving support to the team members * Experienced with code reviews * Strong logical and innovative thinking, * Hands on technical role; Understanding the product lifecycle from concept through launch; identify opportunities for ongoing improvements * A strong sense of curiosity and an unstoppable desire to learn. We believe that one must never stop learning, and so should you. * Passionate about software engineering and best practices * Easy-going and communicative Bottom line is, you should be someone that others enjoy working with due to your technical competence and positive attitude. **Why start working at MEDrecord** * You will be able to work together with /and learn from other smart people, who care about building quality software as much as you do. * You will enjoy working in tight-knit Scrum teams, focused on delivering quality work at the end of each sprint. * You won’t be doing systematic overtime. If your team is running late on a project, we expect you to bring this up to management, not work late hours to keep up. * You will be listened to by your peers. Everybody’s voice matters here. * You will also get flexible hours and will work in a pleasant working environment. * We respect your culture and traditions * Your salary will be based on your knowledge/education and your experience and of course we have the intention to give you a higher salary. **Offices** We have offices in The Netherlands, but the company is completely virtual. **Salary:** Of course based on your skills between 30.000 and 45.000 Euro.