Principal Frontend Software Engineer at Beamery

Posted on: 04/09/2021

Location: London (ON-SITE)

full time

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Tags: javascript redux pyramid ux typescript github react

****The Role**** We're looking for a Principal Frontend Engineer to join our rapidly expanding engineering team. You will be part of the newly formed Core Frontend team who are defining Beamery’s next-generation UI architecture and creating and implementing the Beamery Design System. As a part of the Enablement Branch, our mission is to provide a frontend platform that empowers full-stack teams in our Delivery Branch to continuously release value and deliver a delightful user experience through stellar UX performance, accessibility and aesthetic integrity. You’ll work closely with all our full-stack teams to incrementally improve (and overhaul where appropriate) our core applications to create new build systems and tooling, enabling better user and developer experiences. ****What you’ll get up to in the role...**** * Set the strategy for the evolution of Beamery’s UI architecture * Design, develop and roll-out a new design system to align with the company brand, modernise the UI and reduce the time to market for full-stack teams. * Be an advocate for UI performance across the Beamery engineering, design and product teams, ensuring we always provide high quality, performant experiences to our users. * Guide our full-stack teams to create accessible interfaces that meet WCAG 2.0 guidelines * Ensure our build, deployment and tooling solutions offer a great developer experience allowing our full-stack teams to be as effective as possible * Engage with Beamery’s front-end Engineers to gather feedback from them on pain points, opportunities and priorities for the Core Frontend team ****We'd love to meet someone who has…**** * 8+ years of hands-on experience as a UI Engineer developing high quality, performant user experiences * Excellent modern JavaScript knowledge, including vanilla JS, prototypes, scoping, design patterns, memory profiling, ES6/7 and Typescript * Working knowledge of several JavaScript frameworks, including real-world experience with React, Redux, Styled Components, RxJS * Good understanding of the modern frontend toolset such as Webpack, NPM, Yarn, Storybook * Developed interfaces that have met the WCAG 2.0 accessibility standard * Good knowledge of the testing pyramid and real-world experience with modern frontend testing libraries or frameworks such as Cypress, Playwright, React Testing Library, etc. * Experience in using software engineering practices such as TDD, pair programming, testing automation, code reviews, code refactoring, branch management (GitFlow) and CICD practices and tooling (i.e. GitHub Actions) * A passion for the open web, emerging technologies and standards * A collaborative working style, with a desire to mentor others ****How will success be measured?**** Here are some of the ways we measure success: * How many full-stack teams use the Beamery Core Frontend Platform * Application performance improvements measured for the three most frequently used UI screens: * Time to interact * Total number of requests * Total payload size * Number of UI screens meeting WCAG 2.0 A standard * Number of defects (per Px severity) * Time to production for new UI feature