Backend developer at Transit app

Posted on: 06/02/2022

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Tags: node python

Transit is a team of sustainability-minded engineers sailing against the headwinds of car-oriented transportation. We build an app used by millions of people that makes it significantly easier to get around cities without owning an automobile: foregoing the hype around autonomous/electric cars, we are focused on reviving an old and glorious technology (public transportation) which we vehemently believe is urban America's best bet to curb systemic traffic, traffic deaths, pollution, and urban sprawl. We make public transportation more practical and accessible in a variety of ways. At our core we are a consumer app for open mobility: we not only help our riders find information for public transportation, like arrival times and disruption info. We help them plan trips that involve connections between bikeshare, scooters, ridehail and public transit — we've got the richest playground of mobility APIs around, and we're adding new systems every week. Increasingly this involves payment information. It's hard to imagine a time in which booking airline tickets (or ridehails) required manually stitching together each trip leg yourself — but this is the everyday lived experience of our riders. By giving them an app to plan and pay for any trip (even when it involves more than one transit agency, or more than one mode), we're able to take the convenience of expensive transportation modes, and extend it to the most popular and least expensive forms of urban transportation. We're hiring for a Node.js/Python Backend developer: <> We're beloved by cities, transit agencies, and our riders. Our day-to-day work slashes CO2 emissions and traffic deaths, while making cities more beautiful places to live. What can we say. It's a nice perk of our jobs.