Founding Engineer at WaySync

Posted on: 05/03/2022

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Tags: rails react

I'm Jeremy, cofounder and CTO of WaySync. We're a venture backed startup building software for freight forwarders. Freight forwarders coordinate and facilitate complex, large shipments from the manufacturer to their end customers. This is a complex process that often involves multiple modes of transportation (rail, trucks, ships, planes) and customs clearance. It's $145B industry in the United States alone that's been historically underserved by software vendors. Along the way, we hope to do our part in alleviating the global supply chain crisis. I'm looking for experienced, fullstack web app engineers to help us build out an MVP and a strong engineering organization. This could be a great fit if you like being given high level, potentially ambiguous problem statements and building end to end solutions with little oversight but as much collaboration as you want. Also a great fit if you’re interested in doing your own startup one day or growing into a leadership role. Tech stack is pretty flexible aside from Rails (exp not required). Currently thinking a mixture of Hotwire and React for frontend. We're a remote first company but you're welcome to join us in person in NYC. We're open to hiring remote from other countries as long as you're in North / South American timezones. We're also open to sponsoring select visas (e.g. TN) if you'd like to come to the US.