Senior Rails/React Dev (10hrs/week) at MeetEdgar

Posted on: 06/29/2021

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Tags: ruby rails react graphql

[MeetEdgar]( is looking for a senior level developer to help us out for approximately 10 hrs/week. Edgar is a Rails app with a React frontend. We're looking for a full stack senior developer with experience in: * Rails * React * GraphQL The work consists mainly of bug fixing with occasional small feature development. Rate is $150/hr **Here's how we work:** * 100% async and on your own schedule, do a big chunk once a week or smaller bits over time * No standups, no meetings * You'll be working with two other senior-level developers * **Perfect gig to fit in around other projects** (maybe you're launching your own SaaS) **How to apply:** Email []( (yeah I'm not quite cool enough to have chris@, listen there are a lot of Chris' out there!) With: * A brief overview of your job history, or your major gigs if you've been freelancing * 2 snippets of code that you're proud of (one showing your React skills, one showing your Ruby/Rails skills)