Cloud Native Software Engineers at Second State Inc

Posted on: 01/13/2022

Location: (REMOTE)

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Tags: k8s rust github golang

Job description: You will be in charge of the design and implementation of WasmEdge runtime 2. In charge of the development and architecture design of WasmEdge containerization 4. Support WasmEdge to be integrated to the current cloud native ecosystem, and work on cloud native WebAssembly solutions 6. Maintain technical documentation Job Requirements 2. Master any of the languages: Rust, Golang, C, C++, etc. 4. Strong understanding of K8s and development based on K8s 6. Open source contributors in the cloud native community preferred WasmEdge Github: <> These roles are remote-based. Being global from the very start, Second State’s team are distributed in Taipei, Beijing, the United States, and Australia. Among them, engineers account for 90% with Master's or higher degrees from top universities. All can be full-time or internship positions. Interns are preferred to be students majoring in computer science.