Director of SEO at Sticker Mule

Posted on: 09/30/2021

Location: (REMOTE)

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Sticker Mule is the Internetā€™s most kick ass brand. We're a remote team spread all over the world, including 17 countries. Our team from top to bottom makes growth a top priority and it's ingrained in our company culture. But most importantly, we enjoy making customers happy and having fun while doing so. **Why you'll like working here:**1. Customers love our service and tell us all the time!2. We offer flexibility in your work day.3. We work at a sustainable pace to foster a non-stressful work environment. **Read more about our values and principles here:**<><> **Description**The Director of Global SEO is responsible for organic traffic and revenue in prioritized regions including the United States, Canada, Europe & Latin America. **Work performed**1. Develops SEO tactics to drive domestic & international growth.2. Establishes & monitors SEO metrics to ensure tactics are working.3. Manages content localization efforts to optimize conversion and traffic.4. Monitors competitors & takes appropriate actions to outperform them.5. Evaluates keywords and executes tactics to rank well for them.6. Researches and borrows from competitive tactics to outperform them. 7. Balances SEO with conversion & branding objectives.8. Performs other tasks as assigned by management. **Metrics**1. Organic traffic by region.2. Organic revenue by region. **Compensation**1. $90k - $130k based on experience.2. $20k signing bonus.