Senior React / .NET Core Developer at Cleverbit Software

Posted on: 11/16/2021

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Tags: azure asp sql jira net javascript react

As a senior React developer on the team, your primary responsibility will be to ensure the front-end is all polished. There are two other teams working on the project though, so you'll have plenty of people to bounce ideas off and brainstorm with. The teams work in two-week sprints, with every sprint ending in a demo. This gives us the opportunity to show the client what we’ve built. By embracing agile and having established communication loops, we make sure that all our work is directly adding value to the business and is aligned with the client’s expectations. *We prefer our Full Stack Developers to have the following qualifications:* * BSc degree in Computer Science or equivalent. * At least 4 years of experience with React and JavaScript. * Proficient in C#, ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core. * Strong understanding of database paradigms (SQL). * Knowledge of Azure services and concepts such as event-based messaging, distributed caches and related technologies is considered an asset. * Aptitude for learning new technologies. * Familiarity with Azure DevOps or Jira. * Strong verbal and written communication skills in English.