Crypto/Blockchain and Securities/DAO/Token Legal Expert/Lawyer at GREEKdao

Posted on: 05/26/2022

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Tags: blockchain

You would be working for an exciting and innovative startup called GREEKdao. A little bit about us and our project… we are a group of 16-19 year old students who have been actively learning and developing a crypto project over the last 4 months. It is still under development so we unfortunately cannot give an exact description of what it is, but we can tell you what we would accomplish if it becomes a success. We vastly speed up the rate at which crypto currency and blockchain technology is adopted, integrated, and educated into society. We will dismantle the massive gender gap, in both the crypto and investing communities, creating a safe space for women to educate themselves and network without the pressure and toxic, sexist stigma currently engulfing the community. We will offer passive income to an exclusive group of over 2 million+ people ranging of all different socioeconomic backgrounds as free online crypto/blockchain educational courses to 20 million+. Obviously, with accomplishing many of these things come many legal troubles. As we are a young team, we need help navigating through all aspects of business legality such as, but not limited to: creating effective contracts with angel investors/team members, navigating through uncertain securities’ laws and other government bodies, creating a legal crypto token(tokenomics), and legalities of hosting social events through a company. We are looking for an experienced legal advisor who can help us navigate this unknown space. There will be no personal liability involved.