GPT-3 Engineer (Part-time) at Letterdrop

Posted on: 04/21/2022

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Tags: seo nlp javascript python

### **About us** [Letterdrop]( is a YC-backed startup building a content operations platform for businesses. We make creating, producing, and distributing content for SEO, email, and social simple. We've hit an inflection point in the business where we're starting to see real growth. The [founder]( was previously a Product Manager at Google and worked on Search. ### **What you'll do** Letterdrop has a couple of features that use [GPT-3]( today to aid writers: * idea generation * title generation * paragraph completion * sentence rewriting We're looking to drastically improve our tooling to help writers go from a blank page to great content. Would love for you to be a part of that! ### **What we're looking for** * You are self-directed, can experiment with building models on top of OpenAI. There isn't much existing literature on this topic, so this will require learning from research as well as trial and error on your part. * You understand basics of machine learning principles. * You are familiar with NLP and its applications. * You can code in Python and can read/make minor modifications to JavaScript code. ### **What you'll learn** * How to use the cutting edge GPT-3 API to build functional language generation models. * Be exposed to the workings of an early-stage startup. * Ship features that will be used in production within a week or two. * Practical applications of machine learning.