Senior Full Stack Engineer at Genei

Posted on: 07/03/2022

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[****]( Central London • hybrid remote Competitive Salary (+ EMI options) • full-time, permanent What we do at Genei ------------------- We build AI systems that learn from human feedback. We offer this as a product to consumers and a service to businesses. Qualifications -------------- **Minimum qualifications** * 3-5 years experience with Typescript, React, GraphQL (NodeJS), and Python. * Ability to speak and write in English fluently. **Preferred qualifications** * Bachelors degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics or equivalent. * Interest and ability to develop applications of natural language processing technology. * Previous experience building a Stripe integration for SaaS/consumer subscriptions with multiple currencies and plans, and usage-based pricing. * Previous experience developing rich text editors ([Lexical]( and insight into requirements of collaborative editing (OTs / CRDTs). About the job ------------- As a full-stack software engineer at Genei you’ll be developing an application of our next-generation natural language processing technology for the prosumer market. This includes features such as summarisation, paraphrasing, question answering, and neural search. In doing so you’ll enable professionals in academia and businesses to leverage these advances for increased research productivity. We're looking for engineers who bring fresh ideas from all areas, including natural language processing, information retrieval, distributed computing, large-scale system design, networking and data storage, security, artificial intelligence, , UI design and mobile; the list goes on and is growing every day. Notes * Develop applications of next-generation natural language processing technology developed by our machine learning team ⇒ help professionals in academia and businesses leverage these advances to be more productive * Small, cross-functional team ⇒ huge impact of individual contributions * Quick iteration speed, little management overhead ⇒ have your work be deployed instantly Genei aspires to be a company that reflects the diversity of our users. In addition to hiring talent, we are convinced that a diversity of ideas, viewpoints, and cultures contributes to the development of superior products. Responsibilities ---------------- * Design, develop, test, deploy, maintain, and improve [our consumer offering]( * Manage priorities, deadlines, and deliverables. * Identify ways for improving our software architecture and infrastructure. * Active involvement in and real influence on shaping product direction. Our stack --------- * Frontend + React (Typescript) + [React router 6]( + [Apollo client]( + [PDFTron PDF viewer]( + [Lexical rich text editor]( + [Dexie (IndexedDB)]( * Backend + [GraphQL API (Typescript, Apollo Server)]( + [Prisma ORM for Postgres]( + [Stripe for subscriptions / billing]( + Python / NodeJS Lambdas for webpage and PDF processing - See [Trafilatura](, [Mercury parser](, [PyMuPDF]( * Infra + Github monorepo + Docker containerisation + [AWS CDK for CI/CD]( + AWS services - Lambda, ECS Fargate, SQS, S3, Aurora