Software Engineer at Slab

Posted on: 09/30/2021

Location: (REMOTE)

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Tags: absinthe apollo elixir typescript phoenix kubernetes docker graphql postgres react

**Sound like you?** * You have a strong technical background, with experience solving complex problems within a software development team * You love delighting users by creating great product experiences * You're curious to learn and demonstrate the ability to do so very quickly * You communicate with clarity and precision, whether with teammates or users * You thrive in a collaborative environment involving different stakeholders and subject-matter experts * You are self-motivated and possess a strong work ethic * You identify with Slab's mission and values **Technologies we use** * TypeScript + React * GraphQL + Apollo + Absinthe * Phoenix + Elixir * Postgres * Docker + Kubernetes * Google Cloud Platform We are looking for either depth in one part of the stack or breadth across a wide portion. **What we value** * **Stay lean** - We strive for the greatest possible impact with the fewest number of employees. We empower our teammates with the most leveraged tools and efficient processes. * **Default to open** - We encourage and nurture open exchanges of knowledge and ideas — while acting with respect and regard for each other. * **Think rigorously** - We act and execute after careful thought and examination of known information, while acknowledging the risks we accept in its absence. * **Say no** - We aim to deliver exceptionally high value in a small set of focus areas. We willingly abstain from good ideas to give only the most promising paths the attention they deserve. * **The best prevails** - Whether an idea or an individual, the best will rise to the top at Slab. Ideas we pursue can come from anywhere, and individuals gain responsibilities due to outperformance. * **Global optimization** - We believe that our mission — to make the workplace a source of learning and purpose — is the ultimate priority, above any single project, team, or individual. **Benefits** * Flexible remote work arrangements * Medical, dental, and vision insurance * Wellness and remote-work stipends * Generous equity offer * 7-year option exercise window * $5k desk setup of your choice