Senior App Developer at Pixel Union Design Ltd

Posted on: 11/03/2021

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Tags: wordpress elixir node gatsby net vue angular react javascript

Our Apps team works to empower and expand the capabilities of e-commerce entrepreneurs through [our suite of Shopify apps]( We are looking for an experienced full-stack developer to join our Apps team and write readable, extensible, performant code for our apps. We trust our developers to find the right way to build solutions that meet goals. We give developers projects, then give them space to figure out and build the solution as a team: defining their own tasks, building the solution incrementally and collaboratively, adapting an approach based on the learnings made along the way. We’re looking for developers who want to be involved in all aspects of this work: designing technical solutions, breaking down projects into tasks, making tradeoff decisions, and delivering quality software. As a Pixel Union dev, you'll... * Contribute to all aspects of application development for our suite of apps in Node.js, React, and Elixir * Make design & planning decisions as a team, as part of a flexible agile process * Regularly collaborate with other developers in implementing solutions via group discussion, pairing, mobbing, and code review * Learn and apply novel technologies and techniques that best address the problems at hand, such as Elixir * Suggest and apply improvements to our development process and practices * Provide recommendations and write documentation on our development practices & standards * Grow our development team’s skills with mentorship, support and insight ***Please include a cover letter with your application – we’d love to better understand your background and experiences. We value diverse perspectives and believe that skills are transferable!***You’ll bring skills and experience in... * Writing readable, extensible, performant server-side and frontend code in Node.JS, React, HTML, CSS * Collaboratively solving problems and sharing knowledge with others, welcoming alternative viewpoints and sharing reasoning behind decisions * Leaving things better than you found them - reducing technical debt while advocating for improvements to the team’s practices, processes, and tools * Holding context on complex solutions, thinking critically about adapting architecture with new learnings, identifying opportunities to improve solutions along the way * Working closely with a team, pairing regularly and providing thoughtful code review * Working fluently with version control If you have these skills that's a huge plus! * Developing on the Shopify platform, whether that’s for themes, apps, or for individual stores * Developing for ecommerce on different platforms - BigCommerce, WordPress, etc. * Writing for common frontend JavaScript libraries other than React such as Gatsby, Vue.js, or Angular * Interest in learning & writing functional code with Elixir