Frontend React/WebGL, Full Stack TypeScript at Foxglove

Posted on: 10/01/2021

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Tags: electron github ml

Robotics and autonomous vehicle developer tools. We're a small, highly experienced, and fast moving team of engineers building the next generation of web-based (browser and electron) robotics and self-driving development tools. Our first product (Foxglove Studio) is an open source visualization and debugging tool for analyzing live and recorded robotics data. We are looking for people who enjoy working across the stack - pushing browser technology to its limits using WASM, WebGL and Web Workers, diving into data serialization formats and binary protocols, or shipping end to end features for our hosted services. Prior experience working with robotics or WebGL isn't necessary, but you must be interested and willing to learn fast. If you're a robotics or ML engineer interested in learning frontend development, we're open to that too. Market salary + meaningful equity. <>