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Posted on: 06/03/2022

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Tags: rust ruby elixir seo postgres terraform kubernetes kafka | 100% Remote | Full-time & Part-time Cultivating non-corporate, friendly and bootstrapped remote environment. At Nightwatch we are looking for a long-term back-end developers who would like to gain knowledge and skills on a distributed global product systems. Nightwatch helps some of the more successful global companies understand the visibility of their websites on search engines and can make the best decisions for their SEO growth. We are looking for a person who has high moral standards and, with his early upbringing, has acquired the necessary knowledge and tools on how to effectively deal with problems and the accumulation of knowledge, and the skills of communication and effective cooperation with other human beings. It is important to us that you have core values that are compatible with ours. These values are: 1. Reliability and responsibility (we can rely on you in moments when the server does not respond even if you're enjoying a beer with your friends), 2. Autonomy (without having to write you the whole procedure of how to determine the effectiveness of a particular service by measuring, you can determine this yourself and suggest and make the best decisions), 3. Proactivity (you can suggest and identify appropriate changes and improvements to the system at a given time). We use a whole bunch of interesting technologies like Kubernetes, Terraform, Kafka, Clickhouse, Postgres, Ruby, Elixir, Rust, Go. We do not expect you to fully cover the technical requirements from the beginning. In addition to the qualities above, the ability to learn quickly and the desire to progress are important. More than taking advantage of all earning opportunities, it is important for us to solve a concrete addressable problem in the world and help companies and organizations in which we believe. We value freedom, authonomy, ownership, good communication. Senior Back-end Developer (Ruby, Elixir, Go): <> Back-end / Devops person (Amazon, Kubernetes, Go, Rust): <> Product Owner: <> Front-end Developer: <> From: <>