Core Database Developer at Timescale

Posted on: 11/13/2021

Location: (REMOTE)

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Tags: sql blockchain postgresql

Timescale is looking for extraordinary database engineers to join our team. You will act as both architect and programmer, designing, coding, and testing the core of our PostgreSQL-based time-series database. Our focus is on building a scalable, reliable, robust, usable, secure, performant database. You should have strong systems-building experience and expertise in C, understand both query optimization and database systems, and ideally already be a PostgreSQL expert (or show an interest and quick aptitude to become a PostgreSQL expert). And the future of managing and making sense of the deluge of time-series data should excite you. Timescale is a 100% remote organization, with engineers throughout the world; this is a full-time position. ### Responsibilities: * Play a core role in helping to design and develop new database capabilities, including analytics, clustering and distributed operations, query and storage optimizations, and more. * Develop, test, and release new features and functionality from our database technical roadmap. * Continually improve, optimize, and test existing functionality of TimescaleDB. * Improve infrastructure to evaluate and test database correctness and performance * Work with engineers both at Timescale and the open-source community to coordinate new functionality and deliver powerful integrations of the database into large applications and pipelines. * Provide elevated technical assistance to high-value customers, gaining insight into the needs and experiences of our users. * Be an enthusiastic and personable teammate, receiving and providing code reviews, and otherwise partnering and helping other engineers. ### Requirements: * Bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent experience. * 5+ years engineering experience. * Expertise building industrial-strength software in C/C++ for large code-bases. * Experience in PostgreSQL internal development highly desirable (but not required). * Solid knowledge of SQL, query processing and database engines, concurrency control, data replication, and/or distributed systems. * Passionate about building highly-reliable system software. * Experience with industry-standard software validation tools helpful, e.g., jepsen, valgrind, Coverity, pprof, etc. **About Timescale:** At Timescale, we are dedicated to serving developers worldwide, enabling them to build exceptional data-driven products that measure everything that matters: software applications, industrial equipment, financial markets, blockchain activity, consumer behavior, machine learning models, climate change, and more. Analyzing this data across the time dimension (“time-series data”) enables developers to understand what is happening right now, how that is changing, and why that is changing. Timescale develops TimescaleDB, the category-defining open-source relational database for time-series data, and offers fully-managed TimescaleDB and related database services. Timescale is a remote-first company with a global workforce and is backed by Benchmark Capital, New Enterprise Associates, Redpoint Ventures, Icon Ventures, Two Sigma Ventures, and other leading investors.