Go-to-Market, founding position at Lago

Posted on: 05/03/2022

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### The team and your role We're a team of 7 today, and we're all about Product and Tech. You’ll work directly with our CEO [Anh-Tho](https://www.linkedin.com/in/anhthochuong) on go-to-market. In order to create value to our customers, your role includes: * **Short and mid-term:** Launch: you will source, score, help onboard the first cohort of Lago users through the different phases of launch. You will be at the crossroads, the main point of contact for our users, and for our engineering/product team, to centralize and iterate on feedbacks as soon as possible. * **The bigger picture:** position Lago as the ‘de facto’ expert in billing/pricing, and the most open and developer-friendly billing API. This will require lots of iterations and you will join forces with Anh-Tho on both strategy and (a lot) of hands-on execution. This can include: community building, developer relations, producing/distributing technical and business content (text, voice, video, whatever our target prefers), partnerships building, and a lot of things we don’t know yet. ### The person we are looking for * 3+ years of experience with a mix between engineering and go-to-market: typically as a solutions or growth engineer, as a business person who reconverted to engineering later on, as a former founder, as an engineer who had business or open-source side projects. We’re open and looking for an hybrid background. * You *must* have used APIs in production before. * Great communication skills; experience in working in a remote-first environment on a distributed team is a huge plus * A genuine passion for data products, dev tools, APIs * A real appetite for the early stages of co-creating and positioning a brand, a product and shaping Lago's future * Bonus: you’ve contributed to one or several of these areas in the past: open-source projects, devtools, fintech, B2B SaaS