Customer Support Engineer at Memberful

Posted on: 04/07/2021

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**Hiring — Customer Happiness Engineer**We’re looking for a great problem solver to help our customers use Memberful. As the Customer Happiness Engineer, you’ll have the chance to make a big impact by providing *unexpectedly great* technical support to all customers and prospects. You’ll also fix routine bugs and work on high-impact feature requests for top customers. **About you**We’re a small team so autonomy, resourcefulness, and a sense of curiosity are necessary qualities for this role. We don't require heavy direction or daily check-ins. This means you'll come up with your own goals and execute them. You'll discover, plan, and see things through from start to finish. This job is for you if: * You’re responsible, empathetic, and articulate. * You’re enthusiastic about life and work on a daily basis. * You embrace responsibility and new challenges. * You care deeply about form and function. * You look for opportunities to improve process. * You thrive on organization and planning. * You do what it takes to get things done on time. * You have experience working remotely and enjoy it, and you value deep work. * You recognize it's about building a great product, and therefore embrace discussion and criticism of ideas. * You don't claim to be an expert at everything, but you show a strong desire to learn new things and continually get better. * You don’t just report the problem, you present a plan for fixing it. You should be **hungry and excited to take on real responsibility and work hard** on useful software with real paying customers. **What you’ll work on**We believe deeply in providing *unexpectedly great* technical support to our customers. Our Ruby on Rails application, which runs on Heroku, is used by 100,000+ people. As a primary point of contact with customers on a small team, you'll make a big impact in this area. Because we’re a small team, your work will be both demanding and multidisciplinary: * Respond to any technical customer support questions which requires not only being a Memberful expert — but also understanding how Memberful integrates with WordPress and third-party apps like Mailchimp, Discord, and Zapier. * Fix routine bugs that come up from time to time. * Plan and ship new features. * Ensure the service is fast and reliable. * Communicate customer use cases and pain points to the team. * Periodically on-call (all engineers rotate based on time zone and availability) for emergencies. Some of the tools we use: Basecamp, Github, Heroku, Stripe, Librato, Circle CI, Postmark, Papertrail, Slack, Intercom. **Skills, Salary & Benefits**You should have demonstrated Ruby programming ability and experience with production Rails applications. We’re looking for someone with a strong track record of shipping solid work on a real product. Experience with applications hosted on Heroku is a bonus. * Competitive salary based on experience. * Work remotely from any North American timezone. * Life-compatible hours. Results-based culture. * Flexible vacation. Take it when you need it. * Health insurance if you're in the United States. **How to apply**If you think you'd be a good fit, email **ch @** with [Customer Happiness Engineer] in the subject and tell us why. We strongly favor candidates who put extra effort into their cover letter and application. Let us know why you want **this job**, not just any job. We’d also like to see some examples of software code you’ve written. We understand that can be difficult if you're currently working on a commercial project, but please send whatever you can. If we think you're a good fit, we'll be back in touch with next steps.