VP of Sales - B2B SaaS at Localize

Posted on: 10/13/2021

Location: (REMOTE)

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*This position is only open to applicants who reside in and are eligible to work in the US.* Localize is looking for a VP of Sales to join our fast-growing US-based remote team. Our company has proven product-market fit, a team of Account Executives, and is now looking to bring on an experienced sales leader to fuel and accelerate growth. This opportunity is perfect for a polished sales management professional who has proven experience leading, coaching, and scaling a sales team in a high-growth B2B SaaS startup environment. As the company’s first VP of Sales, you'll be given direct responsibility over a growing team of Account Executives. You'll take ownership over the sales team’s performance and accelerate your team's success and efficiency through group and individual coaching, frequent/real-time feedback, opportunity strategy development & critique, and account planning. As VP of Sales, you'll have the opportunity to hire, train, and build out an A+ sales team. You'll leverage the foundational processes currently in place -- including a comprehensive sales playbook, CRM automations, sales strategies, and collateral -- to optimize, iterate, and manage a high performing, high growth, and scalable sales operation. **General Responsibilities:** * Manage the existing sales team and actively hire qualified team members * Accurately forecast on a weekly and monthly basis to help sellers meet and exceed quota * Work closely with senior management; translate plans and directives from senior management into clear activities * Understand the hierarchy and culture of customer and prospect organizations and identify the decision makers and influencers * Understand and act in accordance with economic drivers, including internal and external business dynamics * Utilize cross-functional information and collaboration to build a business case in a complex environment * Serve as a role model of company culture, embrace our values and ethics **Coaching:** * Coach your team to develop customer management skills like moving stalled deals forward, positioning solutions to customers, and qualifying deals * Motivate and train the sales force to develop the skills to independently drive and lead sales processes * Coach, develop and mentor your team of reps to become top achievers and future leaders * Coach and mentor the team regularly through frequent 1:1 sessions. Follow-up on development discussions through regular reviews and provide feedback * Tailor the coaching approaches to the team members by identifying individual development areas, and targeting the precise development needs * Conduct group coaching sessions to encourage team work and collective learning **Judgement Facilitation:** * Actively support the team to proactively build and manage a pipeline of new opportunities * Help develop and mature the sales department processes, doubling down on tactics that have proven to be successful and iterating where opportunities for improvement are identified * Help sellers develop strong commercial, technical and business acumen to drive well-informed decisions in a timely manner, even when data is limited * Proactively anticipate deal-level challenges and roadblocks that can obstruct a new sale, using past experience, customer feedback and peer perspectives * Empower sellers to align their preferred sales approach with organizational processes to improve pipeline conversions and close rates * Encourage smarter team decisions by holding sellers in the team accountable to a common business objective **Sales Innovation:** * Assess market trends, diagnose root-cause of commercial challenges and identify potential risks for sales processes * Conduct a deep dive analysis on the issues affecting seller performance and create actionable plans for operational improvement * Brainstorm with the team to explore new approaches and ideas to position our sales offers * Apply creative and lateral thinking to innovate on and find solutions for deal problems * Share improvement ideas and best practices of resolving deal obstacles with the team * Establish key relationships with other teams as well as with external stakeholders to leverage selling opportunities * Encourage team and cross-department collaboration and liaise with peers to drive opportunities forward leveraging team members outside of your immediate team **Experience and Qualifications:** * Education: BS in Sales Management or business-related field * 3-5 years of sales management experience in an enterprise B2B SaaS sales capacity * At least 2 consecutive years of remote work experience (mandatory) * Excellent coaching and leadership skills including people development, objective setting and evaluation * Likes to identify gaps and potential obstacles and has a passion for problem solving through collaboration * Employs creative techniques to motivate the team to produce new approaches and ideas to overcome obstacles in the sales process * Encourages an inclusive, collaborative and interactive team environment * Communicates effectively with the ability to network and influence various stakeholders and manage team conflict * Knows how to empower the sales team to judge situations and use their preferred approach for pursuing a deal * Uses comprehensive information and others’ input wherever essential for sound decision-making * Ability to connect the sellers with the right people across the organization for opportunities and their development needs * Strong negotiating skills and closing techniques.