Product Designers and Engineers at Flux

Posted on: 10/05/2021

Location: (REMOTE)

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At Flux, we’re making for hardware what Figma made for design. Our intuitive, real-time, web-based collaboration platform will take hardware design to the future. The problem is that electronics prototyping and design workflows haven’t had innovation in decades. We believe our first product will change that in a big way. To take Flux to the next level, we are looking for a talented Product Designer and Design Engineer. We are a fully remote company, started by people from FB, Apple, and NASA. We’re well funded by Silicon Valley’s best and brightest investors to take on this huge opportunity. We have some seats on the rocket ship and would love to have you! *Product Designer* - Experience designing products that have shipped to thousands of users. We look forward to seeing your awesome portfolio! [\_dGS4tsE596n/Product-Designer-All...]( *Design Engineer* - Experience with prototyping and engineering. Responsible for using engineering software to refine and develop a prototype [\_dGS4tsE596n/Design-Engineer-All-...]( *Senior Software Engineer* - Experience with React with Material-UI, Three.js with WebGL, Typescript, Netifly, Google Firebase, Google Cloud Functions, AWS S3, Algolia, PubNub [\_dGS4tsE596n/Software-Engineer-Fu...](