Software Engineer & many more at Global Income Coin

Posted on: 06/01/2022

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Global Income Coin is a nonprofit startup striving to give every human on earth a dollar a day of income. We're launching a new coin called GLO, intended to be used for payments just like the dollar or the euro. As adoption grows, we can slowly create additional money and give this away for free, to people directly. Our tokenomics are the opposite of bitcoin. When demand for bitcoin grows, the price per coin rises because the number of coins is fixed. With Global Income Coin, we print new coins instead, stabilizing the coin. The new coins are distributed as basic income. We raised a $2m seed donation from Sid Sijbrandij (GitLab, YC W15) and are hiring for a variety of roles to help realize this vision: - Head of Trading - Head of Econometrics - Head of Community - Head of Growth - Lead Recruiter - Lead Writer - Motivated individuals with a vision for how to grow GLO Check out <> for more high level info & <> for our draft whitepaper.