Phonon Protocol Engineer at GridPlus

Posted on: 05/31/2022

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Tags: bitcoin embedded javascript golang blockchain ethereum

Phonon is a protocol enabling secure, hardware enforced, off-chain transactions of digital assets from any blockchain, which are peer to peer, private, linearly scalable, and have zero transaction fees. Potential applications of phonon include micropayments, cross chain DEX’s, and native asset mining. This is a greenfield project in its early stages with open ended development challenges and huge potential. We are looking for a talented backend focused software engineer with an interest in blockchains and security to further develop the protocol. The primary responsibility for this position will be developing and taking ownership over significant portions of the Golang phonon-client codebase. Other tasks include helping to define the technology agnostic phonon-network specification and interfacing with the codebases adjacent to the core phonon library. These include the phonon-card JavaCardOS secure applet and the phonon-app Javascript frontend. The ideal candidate would be a creative and technically excellent engineer who is as comfortable specifying a software design as implementing it, has experience making significant contributions to a complex product, and is excited to tackle a variety of technical challenges. Find out more about GridPlus. ### Responsibilities Include * Development of the phonon-client in golang * Design and specification of the phonon-network protocol * Integration with and development of the phonon-applet on the JavaCardOS platform * Integration with frontend phonon interfaces and existing blockchain wallets ### Your Experience * Developed backend applications in Golang or a similar backend language * Experience with or strong understanding of blockchains such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, and blockchain primitives like keypairs. * Experience with applied cryptography and security principles, such as ECDH, SSL, AES, etc. * Nice to have experience with Java, JavaCardOS, or embedded systems in general