DevOps & Storage Engineers at W3BCLOUD

Posted on: 06/01/2022

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Tags: cloudflare rust github blockchain terraform ansible golang nomad python typescript web3

W3BCLOUD, a joint venture between AMD & ConsenSys, is a global network of high-performance data centers built to provide enterprise level compute resources for Web3 and blockchain. We are looking for DevOps & Storage Engineers to help build out this incredible infrastructure. The people we'd like to work with are excited about working towards a decentralized future, love contributing to open source, run their own hardware and don’t mind getting in the weeds to solve problems. Our DevOps tech stack includes but is not limited to: Ansible, Nomad, Terraform, Rust, Golang, Python, Typescript, Github actions for smooth deployments & source code and CloudFlare as our CDN. Decentralized Storage Engineers having experience deploying and integrating applications with scalable and distributed scale-out storage technologies (scale-out filesystems, on-premises object storage systems, Web3.0 PaaS and SaaS). Full Job Postings & Details: <>