Senior Django Developer at Mighty Digits

Posted on: 04/29/2021

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Tags: javascript sentry jquery celery figma python django numpy

We are looking for full time (40 hours/week) senior Django full stack web developer. This is a role that only a senior level software architect and web developer could fill. As a senior developer, you will be the only developer in the IT department, and you will be working hand and hand with the chief product officer. This is a very exciting role as you will work on developing a very exciting and promising Saas product. You will be carrying out the following tasks: * You will have ownership and be responsible for delivering secure and high-quality production-ready code and services for a Saas product. * Lead the design and development of backend features and components * Scaling the backend architecture and codebase * Reducing the level of technical debt of the backend codebase * Stewarding technical standards and quality * Optimizing database queries and access * Experience with error logging and performance tools such (Sentry, New Relic, etc.) * Might be required to deploy Amazon web services * Proficient in using scripting and programming languages: Python, JavaScript, JQuery,XML, Ajax, CSS, HTML * Strong unit test and debugging skills and understanding of threading limitations of Python * Well versed in Object Oriented Design (OOD), programming and design patterns * Experience in developing multi-tier Client-Server Architecture * Excellent debugging and problem-solving skills * Efficient with calculations and loops. * Highly experienced in web security. * Asynchronous Tasks with Celery (or similar) * Create complex queries and Reporting UI within a web app * Add various beautiful charts for dashboard * Present information in a table view with features such as sorting, filtering, pagination, etc. * Django All-auth - to allow the website users to login with different ways (username or email, or social networks accounts). * Ability to integrate Microsoft Excel and Google sheets into our Django app using external libraries such as django-gsheets, openpyxl, xlwings. Ability to run Excel macros through Python code. * Our app contains a lot of calculations, so you will have to make decisions with regards to the best approach to speeding up those calculations.(For example, utilizing numpy arrays) * Make recommendations for server upgrades to handle additional load as the adoption of our app increases. Utilize open source tools to carry out web performance testing. * Implement the designs provided by our designer in Figma file format. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!