Growth Manager - Retention and Engagement at Vendoo

Posted on: 05/28/2022

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The objective of this role is to help Vendoo customers have an ongoing experience of the software’s core values through effective growth and marketing initiatives. As the retention manager, you will need to build customer loyalty and fidelity through strategies that ensure users remain engaged after being activated in the software. You will play an integral role in building the narratives that align with our acquisition and product marketing campaigns. Responsibilities: * Build and execute strategies that align with our acquisition and product marketing efforts to ensure Vendoo customers continually receive value from the platform. * Take ownership of Vendoo’s customer LTV, churn, and retention metrics. * Manage and develop a roadmap to support engagement, experiments and feature ownership, and work cross-functionally to execute them. * Consistently communicate with the customer service team to ensure its objectives are aligned with the growth team. * Build out an engagement strategy for self-serve users (free & paid). * Run experiments to increase engagement, and share those learnings across the company. * Ensure Vendoo’s help center/knowledge base is updated, used, and understood by all of our users. * Create engaging and helpful content for Vendoo customers. * Set clear, measurable retention goals, and track their progress regularly. * Work closely with the CGO and VP of growth to ensure our MRR continues to grow from existing Vendoo users. * Work with the product team to ensure alignment of goals and provide customer feedback on a regular basis. * Collaborate with a product team of developers, designers, and analysts to deliver high-quality experiences that lead to desired outcomes. Requirements: * 5+ years of experience in growth or marketing and customer retention for SaaS companies. * Ability to effectively influence and communicate across all levels of management, and work on multiple projects simultaneously in a fast-paced environment. * Experience collaborating cross-functionally across product, acquisition, and customer service teams. * Ability to fluently communicate in English, both written and verbal. * Experience simplifying concepts through impactful marketing messages. -Experience using software such as Intercom, Zendesk, Hubspot, Zapier, Amplitude, Google Analytics, and Google Optimize. * Previous experience running in-software A/B tests * Previous experience working for a SaaS company. * Previous experience in a B2C SaaS company preferred. * Experience working in a high-growth company with fast-paced decision-making processes.