Associate Architect / Architect DevOps at Cloudways Limited

Posted on: 09/14/2021

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Tags: salt puppet chef terraform kubernetes ansible

Do you love solving challenging technical problems at scale? Are you a process-focused individual, passionate about working in a high growth & highly rewarding cross-functional DevOps environment? Cloudways is looking for an experienced and world-class Associate Architect / Technical Architect who will play a vital role in taking the Cloudways Platform to the next stage. What You Will Do: * Get involved in the architecture planning, implementation, and maintenance of server clusters, API, and microservices, including critical production environments in hybrid cloud * Collaborate with the product team to explore the technical scope of the needs of customers * Use proven architecture design and best practices to make sure that the applications remain always-available, offer sustained high performance, and are scalable on demand * Monitor incidents/problems trends to identify areas of deficiency and recommend improvements to prevent future occurrences * Bridge the gap between business/user problems and technology solutions/possibilities * Brief the teams and stakeholders on the structure, characteristics, behavior, and related aspects of the solutions * Create and publish Architecture and Application Availability Metrics (through general and team-specific dashboards) * Research emerging technologies and propose changes to the existing architecture to ensure compatibility with proven technologies. * Lay out execution plans with proper control over the solution development process & environment * Collaborate with development teams to optimize architecture performance, right size environments, provide constructive feedback/coaching, and review code What You Need to Have: * Proven expertise in managing large-scale deployments of traffic-intensive applications * Experience in automating cloud system monitoring and operations through scripting * Hands-on experience in administering high availability and high-performance environments * In-depth knowledge and 5+ years of hands-on experience with Linux * Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Computer Science or related technical field * Excellent understanding of Scalability processes and techniques * Expert knowledge of at least one Infrastructure-as-Code / Configuration-as-Code technology (such as Terraform, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Salt) * Good understanding of platform and systems’ architecture – modular monoliths and microservices. Operational knowledge of enabling tools such as Kubernetes and Dockers is a plus point. * Working knowledge of modern DevOps processes including monitoring, log aggregation, alerting, service discovery. * System troubleshooting and problem-solving across platform and application domains. You will be expected to participate in on-call escalations to troubleshoot issues * Operational understanding of Agile methods * Strong self-motivation (this is a must); excellent work ethics, dependable and responsible * Must be a flexible self-starter who can quickly accommodate new requirements, scope-changes quickly, and can adapt to a growing and evolving team * Critical Thinker; with good logical and creative problem-solving skills, excellent oral and written communication skills