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Posted on: 05/03/2022

Location: (REMOTE)

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Tags: ecs nosql sql github dynamodb aws typescript react python ux Software Engineer (Remote) ========================== At Kona, we help remote teams build trust and fight burnout. This is a full-time, fully-remote position. If you’re interested in building software that helps make empathy mainstream at work, this is the position for you. You’ll get a ton of learning, ownership over the product, and a driving seat in our journey :) Technical Details ================= **Summary** * **Manager:** You’ll report to [Andrew Zhou]( (co-founder, Product/Eng) and work closely with [Sid Pandiya]( (co-founder/CEO) alongside an engineering team of 4 (growing to 9 this year). * **Compensation:** Salary + Equity * **Benefits:** Health, Vision, Dental (75% of each is covered by the company) * **PTO:** Unlimited, with minimum 15 days per year (we encourage each other to take time off) **Technologies we use:** Python, React, AWS, GitHub **Responsibilities:** * Build and support APIs in Python * Build and support frontend experiences in React/Typescript * Manage simple AWS architecture * Learn from customer needs (watch customer call recordings, chat with customers on Slack and occasional video calls) * Work with founders and other engineers to make decisions on product, architecture, UX, etc. **Technical Qualifications**:**** * Any modern programming language (we use Python) * Cloud infrastructure tools (we use AWS ECS) * NoSQL or SQL databases (we use AWS DynamoDB) * Full-stack development **What we’ll love about you:** * You have experience building or directly contributing to a great product * You care about mental health, burnout, and wellbeing at work * You’re excited about new products and want to be responsible for owning and improving a new, growing codebase * You have empathy for users and can put yourself in their shoes * You have a strong learner’s mindset and are motivated by personal growth **What does success look like in this role?** **In 1-2 years as a successful engineer at Kona, you will...** * Own and deliver on multiple company-defining projects * Lay the foundation for tech that will scale to millions of users * Meaningfully impact culture at some of the top companies in the world * Help build and scale the engineering team and culture * Lead experiments and drive learnings in relevant aspects of building a startup (product, UX, technical architecture, hiring, company values, etc.) * Grow as an engineer and human in ways you wouldn’t have expected